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My Marine Tank342 viewsThis is before I moved when my mushrooms were abundant and reproducing. Ever since I moved my tank from one town to another (six months ago) my corals, macroalgae and coralline algae are all pale and dying. I tried changing the compact florescent light bulbs, adding iodine and stronium, more frequent water changes with reverse osmosis filtered water all to no avail. Any helpful suggestions?1 comments07/17/07 at 09:40Betsy: Try posting in the main site, www.badmanstropicalf...
75g Before789 views6 weeks after adding pressurized CO2. Time to clean it up1 comments07/15/07 at 17:29eLLeLove: How lush and beautiful!
Joker and kids514 viewsThis is about a week after they hatched, they've started swimming instead of wiggling. Joker has just begun taking them "outside".2 comments07/15/07 at 17:25eLLeLove: so cool watching them grow!
Royal Gramma259 views1 comments07/15/07 at 17:24eLLeLove: The same Scolomya species coral shown in the backg...
227 views2 comments07/12/07 at 07:57fatfutures: I believe he is Pseudotropheus socolofi
227 views2 comments07/12/07 at 06:19Betsy: What species is this guy? I really like the tail ...
287 views(old pic) 30 Gallon tank with limestone rocks and aragonite sand. The tank was made for african cichlids but I have some south american cichlids in it for the time being while I let my new tank cycle.
Blue Rams, Cardinal Tetras, Spotted Leaf Fish
Kigoma Frontosa, Juli. Marlieri, White Calvus

1 comments07/11/07 at 11:29eLLeLove: like the rock arrangement, its very asthetically p...
Wayne Ng Leopard Maze355 viewsA Wayne Ng Leopard Maze looking for food.1 comments07/11/07 at 11:28eLLeLove: Gorgeous
10g dining room644 viewsfull shot
1 comments07/11/07 at 11:27eLLeLove: very nice especially for such a small tank
Apistos469 views1 comments07/11/07 at 11:23eLLeLove: very beautiful
Picture 002.jpg
Betta1606 views1 comments07/11/07 at 11:18eLLeLove: what a colorful lil tank. Pretty betta, I almost ...
55g2385 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments07/11/07 at 11:16eLLeLove: Really nice
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