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Amano shrimp331 views3 comments06/05/09 at 14:09mamaschild: Sent you a PM
Amano shrimp331 views3 comments06/03/09 at 11:13clint: fill me in??? This is my first shrimp i have 3 in ...
B. striata477 views2 comments05/28/09 at 14:19mamaschild: Great Shot
Amano shrimp331 views3 comments05/28/09 at 14:19mamaschild: ummm....hope that's a typo, cuz that's not...
368 views1 comments05/18/09 at 09:50Betsy: My goodness - what kind of bug is that?! I hope th...
dwarf gourami (flash used)230 views1 comments05/17/09 at 20:16Betsy: Nice coloration.
Another beauty241 views1 comments05/13/09 at 11:53clint: Awsome orchids, Dendrobium?
414 views3 comments04/20/09 at 07:49Carlo: It's just a snail clutch that I posted on badm...
full grown kissing groumies476 views2 comments04/11/09 at 17:54Heather: These are not fully grown, I can guarantee it.
Our Common Pleco182 viewsPouting in front of the camera - giving posh spice a run for her money!

Bought him 8 months ago and has gone from being one of the smallest fish to one of the biggest and the main fish of the tank. Lovely creature, very peaceful & friendly.
1 comments02/22/09 at 12:14Betsy: He'll get around a foot long- I hope you have ...
Feather duster worm364 views3 comments02/22/09 at 12:13Betsy: This is still one of my favorite pictures here on ...
Goldfish eating african dwarf frog319 views1 comments02/22/09 at 12:08Betsy: Yuck!!! I see you also have what looks to me like ...
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