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Last comments - konstargirl
2261 viewsIt's grainy I had to take a picture and scan just so it will load, and no it's not a fish but it's another hobby of mine, this is out in the front yard last year at sunset1 comments06/21/10 at 10:41konstargirl: I love the picture.
Snails760 views1 comments06/21/10 at 10:23konstargirl: More cuteness!! <3
CAE1370 views1 comments06/21/10 at 10:21konstargirl: Cutie!! =D
Snails 1.jpg
Snails716 views1 comments06/21/10 at 10:16konstargirl: Aw!! Baby apple snails. ^^
CAE, he/she is very small, maybe 1 1/2 in, and very shy. 1549 viewsCAE came into already established community with four gouramis and one red-tailed black shark. So, he/she prefers to not confront with bigger fish. At least for now.2 comments02/13/10 at 16:57konstargirl: Very nice picture. What tank size is he/she in?
1033 views1 comments12/03/09 at 19:08konstargirl: I wish this picture was better. the quality is pre...
1443 views2 comments11/15/09 at 17:20konstargirl: That looks cool.
My platies breeding? These are Hyper and Princess1030 viewsI discovered this so I was wondering if they were really breeding2 comments11/15/09 at 17:17konstargirl: ^Yes I do. The boys have the gonodium and females ...
Radiant Wrasse823 views2 comments10/25/09 at 11:41konstargirl: So pretty. <3 Too bad its really hard to distin...
468 views1 comments10/25/09 at 11:40konstargirl: My sister said, "that looks like an alligator...
Endlers and Friend1019 viewsFAT females and little males....

The BN is a Blue eye, 1 of 3, and I wonder if he's worried about the Swarm eating his Cuc?
3 comments09/20/09 at 16:07konstargirl: Whats that big fish behine the guppy look alikes
Julii Caesar517 viewsCorydoras julii, or Leopard Corycat. He's a lot happier since we got him a couple of buddies... the little gangster :)1 comments09/20/09 at 15:39konstargirl: AWW!! I have 3 of these in my 10 gallon At firsy I...
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