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Last additions - Photos :)
This is my rock!169 viewsDec 11, 2007
Leopard with his four Guards.185 viewsDec 11, 2007
Salmons (top view)136 viewsJump! Just one more Jump!Nov 19, 2007
Salmons113 viewsLast leg of the Fish Ladder! Finally!Nov 19, 2007
Marking territory138 viewsPoor Shark getting pushed out of his home by the Clown Loaches.Nov 19, 2007
Pleco loves fruit!133 viewsPleco enjoying his strawberry snack.Nov 19, 2007
What's for dinner?130 viewsAngel1: The strawberry is so yummy!
Angel2: I think the snail looks delicious.
Otto: Algae is the best!
Nov 19, 2007
Convict Family Portrait160 viewsHey guys, you need to turn around and face the camera. This way, you are facing the wrong way!Nov 19, 2007
Papa Convict and his babies130 views"What are you looking at? Better stay away from my kids or I'll tear you to pieces."Nov 19, 2007
Yummy Peach!110 viewsThe Little Pleco loves fruit just like the Pleco. Nov 19, 2007
Three Musketeers?103 viewsCan you see the three of them? Goby the Bumblebee Goby, Puffy the Dwarf Puffer, and Flounder the Founder.Nov 19, 2007
Akira97 viewsHe is quite a character. Never see him bothering anyone else in the community except for the dwarf gourami. They have this tag game going... Akira flares at Gourami, Gourami runs and Akira chases after him/her. Half way across the tank, Gourami turns toward Akira and chase him back to the starting point.Nov 19, 2007
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