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Last additions - 30 Gallon Freshwater Planted
July 2011 513 viewsHardscape is way I want it and plants have filled in nicely. Loaches and Barbs love the rock formation and ottos hang out on driftwood and plants.Jul 04, 2011
Tiger Barb Tank621 viewsFinally have the tank looking like I want. Picture really does not do it justice.Apr 05, 2011
Dwarf (chain) Loach657 viewsClose up of loach amongst Tiger Barbs. They are very pretty and aggressive.Apr 05, 2011
Tiger Barbs742 viewsMar 13, 2011
March Pic676 viewsOpened things up a little for Tiger Barbs for open swimming roomMar 13, 2011
Update Picture944 viewsPlants are filling in nicely. Added some Red Ludwigia and Moneywort to propagate later. Again, I use no C02 or ferts. I post these pics to show nicely planted tanks are possible with minimal costs.Feb 13, 2011
757 viewsJan 17, 2011
Neons eating tubifex worms412 viewsPic of neons chowing down on their Saturday serving of tubifex worms stuck to glass. The dwarf loaches love them too and get in there for them but they are just too fast for the camera. Dec 29, 2010
Pic of my tanks in LR500 viewsThat's my recliner in middle!Nov 30, 2010
Updated Pic564 viewsSwapped big piece of driftwood for some rocks - driftwood had to go with Pleco to 20 GallonNov 16, 2010
Newly Aquascaped 30 Gallon604 viewsOct 09, 2010
September 2010959 viewsThis tank is an 18 x 36 30 gallon breeder and was set up with pool filter sand as the substrate. I have approx 2WPG of T-5 HO lighting. I add no C02 or fertilization. I am running two Eheim ecco canister filters. Stocking is 15 Neon Tetras, 6 Corydoras, 1 BN pleco and 2 ghost shrimp.Sep 15, 2010
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