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Last additions - clint's Gallery
B. striata belly stripes206 viewsMay 20, 2009
female praecox natural sunlight 2188 viewsMay 20, 2009
Female praecox natural sunlight192 viewsMay 20, 2009
M. praecox female (noflash)202 viewsMay 18, 2009
M praecox female195 viewsMay 18, 2009
Rainbow shark223 viewsThis is a nice shot i think, excluding the background, centering. May 17, 2009
Rainbow shark218 viewsone of my oldest fish, near 5".May 17, 2009
M. praecox197 viewsi can't stop taking pics of these guys, trying to get a nice one of one of my females. No luck yet.May 17, 2009
Rainbow shark 4+", juvi boesemani for scale197 viewsShark had to come out and look over his new tank mates. Some posturing was observed but no other signs of aggression. At least this shark of mine is pretty docile towards all the fish in his community which include bos, yoyos & striata loaches, zebra danios. If given his space he is a care free fish, i recommend then for a community tank if there is enough space. They do seem to benefit from caves or places they can call home. May 17, 2009
M. splendida211 viewsMay 16, 2009
zebra loach215 viewsMay 16, 2009
yoyo near home206 viewsMay 16, 2009
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