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Last additions - konstargirl
Gary the snail.907 viewsWhat kind of snail is this...Dec 03, 2009
My current 10 gallon community767 viewsThis is a picture of my current 10 gallon. New additions are the 1 snbail and 3 zebra daniosDec 03, 2009
My platies breeding? These are Hyper and Princess1030 viewsI discovered this so I was wondering if they were really breeding2 commentsNov 14, 2009
the platy couple earthworm chase570 viewsI gave it to them as a treat just to see if they like it and obiously they did but did not swollow it.Nov 14, 2009
452 viewsPregnant Princess 2 days before she gave birth.Sep 19, 2009
413 viewsMy 10 gallon tank cycling tank with 3 platies and a cory when the fish first came. Sep 19, 2009
405 viewsThe two male platyies name hyper and Manuel. =DSep 19, 2009
Tiger with one of the platies name Manuel341 viewsThis was there first day when I got them on 8/23/09Aug 26, 2009
316 views10 gallon tank. No fish nor plants. Don't mind the artificial plant there. hehe..Jul 23, 2009
Vinnie(right) Francis(left)341 viewsThese are my "Cat Nephews" Vinnie and Francis. They are "Hopefully soon to be cousins" of my fish I thinking on getting in the furture. They are my older sisters cats BTW.Jul 14, 2009
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