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Oto With Only One Pectoral Fin245 viewsWe don't know how or when this oto lost one pectoral fin, but seems to be doing fine without it!

Now I have an oto with a missing pectoral and a white cloud minnow with only one eye in my 40g tank!
May 09, 2006
Full 40g Tank View 4-29-06275 viewsMay 09, 2006
Queenie Resting 4-29-06226 viewsShe's a 4-incher now!May 09, 2006
Pat, the Male American-Flag Fish - 4-29-06304 views1 commentsMay 09, 2006
Pat with Lucky - 4-29-06237 viewsMay 09, 2006
Pat Hangin' with the Java Ferns and Red Ludwigia238 viewsMay 09, 2006
40g - 10000K Bulb Replaced With 6700K - 4-26-06316 viewsFinally! Typical freshwater illumination!

Looks a bit odd after gettting adjusted to the 10000K bulb for so long, but the light is more pleasing and the fish actually look better. I think the fish prefer the less white light, too, especially Pat (the Flag Fish)!

Notice how the moneywort looks now! Thanks, Pat! The American-Flag Fish rocks!
Apr 27, 2006
Just Added Some Vals, er Weeds, and the Flag Fish341 views1 commentsApr 25, 2006
White Clouds in a School!231 viewsStop the presses! They are all actually loosely schooling together! This rarely happens, but I still love my tough little spastic minnows!

One of them has only one eye (came from the LFS that way - noticed it at home). Must have been one of those mean old serpaes they were tanked with . . .
Apr 25, 2006
Flag Fish With Lips Protruding a Bit219 viewsI think I caught him in mid-breath or something . . .

Notice all the air bubbles - courtesy of the Emperor power filter!!
Apr 25, 2006
Flag Fish Cleaning The Moneywort207 viewsSuch a great little cleaner!Apr 25, 2006
New Flag Fish Hangin' in the Moneywort190 viewsLook at his cute half-formed flag! Still got to grow another inch or so!Apr 25, 2006
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