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Zooanthids195 viewsMy healthy cluster of gorgeous Zooanthid species.Oct 15, 2007
Elegant197 viewsalmost psychedelic...Oct 15, 2007
Vibrant and Healthy226 viewsMy tank sure is recovering after a mass die off. Here it is today.Oct 15, 2007
my ocellaris253 viewsmy Nemo is like a little puppy dog he wags his little tail and does a dance everytime he sees me approachingJul 15, 2007
My Marine Tank342 viewsThis is before I moved when my mushrooms were abundant and reproducing. Ever since I moved my tank from one town to another (six months ago) my corals, macroalgae and coralline algae are all pale and dying. I tried changing the compact florescent light bulbs, adding iodine and stronium, more frequent water changes with reverse osmosis filtered water all to no avail. Any helpful suggestions?1 commentsJul 15, 2007
Feeding206 viewsMy Ocellaris Nemo is tank reared and very tame. It eats from my hand here.Jul 11, 2007
Clown Fish221 viewsOcellaris Clown using my Scolomia species coral as a surrogate anemone.Jul 11, 2007
205 viewsJul 11, 2007
View164 viewsTop view of my fish tankJul 11, 2007
Royal Gramma259 views1 commentsJul 11, 2007
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