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Gabriel & the Angelic snail303 viewsRin got this shot
Sammi or Sammy?365 viewsone of the 4 I received in April (2005). Still not giving up hope for a male although it's not looking good. This one's different from the others for now anyway.1 comments
Meghan Enjoying EJ's Cake219 views
Picture 020.jpg
Side View of Planted Ten156 viewsThis is the side view of the tank- the frontal view did not turn out properly, and had to be scrapped. I'm hoping the plants will root well, with no rotting and little drama.
sitting and eating195 views
Fred, Ginger, and the babes183 viewsI know, NASTY water, but that's what they were in...a GREEN pond :(

This is at Bonnie Springs/Old Nevada, just about 20 minutes outside of town.
Gold Dojos626 views1 comments
05_05_20 Kuhlis C.JPG
Kuhlis659 viewsThese little guys are too much fun :) They are always playing in the grass, and I don't know if you can tell, but they are right up next to the glass. Very nice of them :)
06_01_05 Festi 1 CRS.JPG
Festi642 viewsJune 1, 2005

Was asked, so figured I better add it....Festi is a Mesonauta Festivus. Could have changed by now ;)
05_06_13 BR 20g CRS.JPG
20g599 viewsNew tank I set up just for the Spixi Snails and the Blue Rams.1 comments
Brad_s Fish 020.jpg
611 views1 comments
20&30gal305 views20 goldfish tank with 2 goldies and 30 gallon tropical fish tank
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