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Search results - "Clown"
2573 views5 comments
"Little" Clown538 viewsThat's a 4" "U" behind him, so I figure he's ~5" long.
HEY HEY's FAAAAT Albert ;)2099 viewsMy 14 year old, close to a foot long, Clown Loach. My BUD :):)

I just have to make a reply to all the "Boy he's Ugly" comments ;) He may not be a beautiful fish, but he's the biggest sweety I've even owned. Seriously, a wet puppy..nuzzles my hand, dances for food, and just acts CUTE :D
Albert taking a nap678 viewsHe loves his comfy home.2 comments
3 of my 9 Clowns949 viewsYes, I'm addicted :)2 comments
Solo Dancer561 views1 comments
05_24_05 Clowns CRS.JPG
Part of the Gang887 viewsI told you they were dancing :) This is 2 of the "little" monsters with 2 of my Babies.
05_06_03 MysteryPlec noflsh RS.JPG
Clown Pleco, Panaque maccus463 viewsThis is without the flash, so his color is pretty close....maybe not that dark.
05_06_03 MysteryPlec Top RS.JPG
Clown Pleco, Panaque maccus520 viewsTop View, with Flash1 comments
05_06_03 MysteryPlec 1 RS.JPG
Clown Pleco, Panaque maccus406 viewsWith Flash
Otto and Clown Plec337 viewsThought it was cute that both Algea Eaters were in the same spot :)
Geophagus and Clown Loach606 views
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