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Search results - "baby"
Baby Snails116 viewsNot sure what kind....
Beautiful has arrived241 viewsErin's baby rehomed
Baby Blue 2.jpg
Baby Blue168 views
Delilah :)246 viewsMy baby.1 comments
7-15 013.jpg
baby convicts128 views
Baby Plant.jpg
Baby plant164 viewsWhat a difference substrate makes. This plant was surviving in plain grave, although it kept floating every few days. Put it in some substrate designed for plants, and it sent off a runner with a few days!
Black Angel132 viewsIsn't he a piggy! more shrimp pellets!
The red splash behind him is a baby swordtail
Female Apisto Cacatuoides w/fry263 viewsOne baby just to her left...
Female Apisto Cacatuoides w/fry264 viewsSee the one baby straight down from her tummy fins :)
Baby Zebra161 viewsBaby Zebra Angelfish
05_08_05 SP in Spixi tank.JPG
Striped Purple (SP)160 viewsThis little guy/gal actually snuck into my Spixi tank when I set it up a couple months ago. Apparently when I removed the Spixi's from the baby tank, this one hitched a ride unnoticed :) I left it in there just to see what would happen, and it's got a FABULOUS shell.....because of sand, not gravel????
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