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Tiger barbs.jpg
fish 012~0.jpg
Tiger Barbs and friends140 views
cropped barb.jpg
"Albino" Barb137 viewsAlthough not a true albino, this derivitive of the tiger barb is one of my favorite fish. I'm not certain as to why people insist on calling this stunning fish "albino", but nevertheless it is the common name. Albino barbs can be found almost everywhere, as can tigers and green barbs. This was cropped from a photo of schooling barbs.
barb school.jpg
193 viewsThis school of mixed barbs is composed of green and albino barbs. They are currently the only residents of this tank, other than three apple snails.
albino and green barbs 2.jpg
Mixed Barb School598 viewsThis is a partial side view from the 50 gallon tank. The white expanse in the background is the opposing wall to the tank. There are currently no full views of this tank in my gallery due to my embarrasment at the current state of the plants- it is a work in progress.5 comments
albino and green barbs.jpg
Mixed albino and green barbs124 views
fish 008~0.jpg
balas, barbs & goldfish235 views1 comments
roseline barbs good.JPG
260 views1 comments
barbs241 viewsHere are some of the gold and 'super red' rosy barbs who inhabit the tank
Albino Tiger Barb137 views
Albino and Cherry Barbs135 views
Barbs and Platy144 views
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