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05_06_13 M Apisto Cactuoides CRS.JPG
Male Apistogramma cacatuoides478 views
Female Apisto Cacatuoides324 viewsShe's in Spawning color :) WOOHOO. She disappeared for 2 day right after I took this picture. Couldn't find her for the life of me. Then spotted her a couple days a go chase off one fo the Krib juvies, so I followed her. She found an area between a rock and a piece of driftwood and has used it for her cave :)
Reid Park Zoo Posing Elephant.jpg
Reid Park Zoo Posing Elephant117 viewsThis elephant saw everyone taking it's picture, and proceeded to take a big drink of water and pose for everyone. Unfortunetly, the zoo is likely to lose this animal within the next few months- it's now of breeding age, and the zoo cannot accomodate elephant breeding within it's current animal habitat. This means that all the elephants will have to be relocated to another facility, or the zoo will lose it's accreditation.
I wish I was a catfish.jpg
I wish I was a catfish179 views
Female Apisto Cacatuoides w/fry284 views3 babies in this pic...can you find them ;)
Female Apisto Cacatuoides w/fry281 viewsOne baby just to her left...
Female Apisto Cacatuoides w/fry283 viewsSee the one baby straight down from her tummy fins :)
Female Apisto Cacatuoides301 viewsMy Beautiful Mama Fishey :)
Catfish193 viewsDoes anybody know what this fish is?
05_07_06 M Apisto 2red C.JPG
Male Double Red Apisto Cacatuoides269 views
05_07_06 M Apisto 2red 1 C.JPG
Male Double Red Apisto Cacatuoides282 views
Mama & Son243 viewsApistogramma Cacatuoides
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