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Search results - "convicts"
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baby convicts161 views
Koi343 viewsKoi, breifly spent some time in The Big House and got tore up by a couple convicts. After he was released, Koi has cleaned up his act and settled down with a nice High Finned Shark named Spike. He never leaves Spikes side and is her protector, Lover and Friend.1 comments
Joker, Clyde and their fry127 viewsJoker and Clyde were the 2 biggest of the four convicts when they were given to me, so I assumed they were male when I named them. Oops.
Clyde, the slightly smaller one, is always standing watch outside and does a very efficient job of keeping the other 2 tank mates away. He has even nipped me repeatedly on a few occasions during maintenance.
Home Sweet Home.168 viewsThis is where the happy family lives. Their tankmates are Lady B., a female aeratus with a great personality, Ol' Mackie who is a male rainbow shark (that I rescued from the jaws of a needle nose gar) I have a real soft spot for him and Sandy Pebbles a rust and orange pleco who lives onside the light beige rock. They all get along suprisingly well even now with the protective convicts. Somtimes things get a bit tense but there has never been any injury.
Everywhere223 viewsThis is about a month later round abouts and the little guys are fearless and everywhere. Mom does more of the bodyguarding now, but they both shepherd them around the tank.
The old homestead211 viewsAfter I cleaned I did a bit of scrubbing and remodeled; the kids beelined right for the pot, the place they were laid, in its new locale. Aww.
Home222 viewsThis is the new set up after I redecorated. Lady B (female aeratus), Ole Mackie (male rainbow shark) and Sandy Pebbles (rusty pleco) live happily on the right side of the tank. They only get a little worked up when the convicts take the kids for their walk.
my tank168 views1large oscar,1 jag,3 tinfoil barbs,1 tyretrack eel,2 convicts,6 geophagus,1 jewel,1 electric blue,1 pleco, and 1 silver dollar
1 of the convicts !!148 viewshe is quite ckeeky likes to think he is a lot bigger and stronger than he is ...(there all the same lol)
Convict Cichlid pair436 viewsMale and female convict cichlids
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