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Search results - "dark"
05_06_03 MysteryPlec noflsh RS.JPG
Clown Pleco, Panaque maccus394 viewsThis is without the flash, so his color is pretty close....maybe not that dark.
dark angel 1.jpg
handsome little one I bought yesterday... :) His name is Dark Angel245 views
dark angel.jpg
Dark Angel is a Halfmoon betta416 views3 comments
female sajica and fry318 viewsthis is how both parents look when they have fry. very dark.
Baby Tank Newbies196 viewsNot a single dark footed snail in the last 3 clutches :)
Brownie Creepin' along166 viewsThis is Brownie, my first apple snail. He was a Wild canaliculata, and the long-time mate of Momma. They produced the first clutches I've ever had, but sadly none of them ever hatched.
RIP buddy.
Brownie Again149 viewsJust truckin' along.
Skyy148 views(Sex Unknown) Blue P.bridgesii. It was a very beautiful snail, died on Halloween. :(
Dark Striped Purple (blue shell)232 viewsI love the contrast!
darky170 viewsangle
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey455 viewsMy EBJD at about 3.5"

Now a little over 4"

This is his dark phase. Usually makes himselft look like this when I grab the camera :-(
Light Puffer158 viewsSame puffer as is in the 'dark' picture. Take to demonstrate color change.
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