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29 gal.jpg
Over view141 viewsThis is the hood I built, on the empty tank.
Inside of Hood.jpg
Inside of Hood161 viewsThis is the hood flipped onto it's back so you can see the insides. I was pleased with the kit I got.
Hood Closeup.jpg
Hood Closeup145 viewsThis is a front view of the hood. You can see one reflector in the open door. I elected not to put hinges on the door, just to keep everything simple. Both are fitted to set in the opening, and have a knob to lift them out with.
DYI Filter 2.jpg
Filter with CO2233 viewsI am going to run my CO2 into this filter, which will sit in the gravel.
DYI Bubble Counter After.jpg
Simple / Inexpensive Bubble Counter496 viewsI built this for about $3. A small bottle from any store, drilled two holes (3/16") inserted two 'Air Line Tubing Connectors', attach small piece of CO2 safe air-line to one, and put a little aquarium safe sealer on the connectors, so no air leaks out.2 comments
DYI Bubble Counter Before.jpg
Bubble Counter Parts188 viewsThis is what I used to make the bubble counter, and for setting up the rest of my CO2 system.
Left side view234 viewsguppy feast, dying sword WITH root tabs under for several months now
My Marine Tank243 viewsThis is before I moved when my mushrooms were abundant and reproducing. Ever since I moved my tank from one town to another (six months ago) my corals, macroalgae and coralline algae are all pale and dying. I tried changing the compact florescent light bulbs, adding iodine and stronium, more frequent water changes with reverse osmosis filtered water all to no avail. Any helpful suggestions?1 comments
Jim Morrifin - The Lizard King104 viewsLizard loach. Homaloptera ogilviei. Lasted about 5 days. Apparently they have a habit of dying unexpectedly for no good reason.
This gallery sounds like a mortuary but I SWEAR we've kept more fish alive than have died...
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