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Search results - "eel"
HM plakat.jpg
Newest addition! Steel blue HM plakat312 views2 comments
Picture 031.jpg
Snow eel181 views
Snow eel176 views
Snow eel154 views
Marlier's Julie (2)175 viewsThis is a beautiful fish that has steadily become more aggressive as it acclimates to my tank. There is a hole in this fake rock that it likes to back into, making it look kind of like a Morey Eel. It gets vertical when it sees surface food and shoots straight up, then backs straight down with the food. Very interesting Cichlid.
Black Swordtail103 viewsPicture of my Black sword tail, he likes to hide and pretend hes an eel. Such a nerd!
Red117 viewswith a blue eye... swimming freely with th guppies & tetras (29 gallon tank(
Spiney Eels427 views1 comments
Spiney Eels w/Betta240 views
The old homestead163 viewsAfter I cleaned I did a bit of scrubbing and remodeled; the kids beelined right for the pot, the place they were laid, in its new locale. Aww.
my tank132 views1large oscar,1 jag,3 tinfoil barbs,1 tyretrack eel,2 convicts,6 geophagus,1 jewel,1 electric blue,1 pleco, and 1 silver dollar
trye track, spiny eel150 views
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