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DYI Filter 2.jpg
Filter with CO2223 viewsI am going to run my CO2 into this filter, which will sit in the gravel.
New Goodies225 views
Febn 16 b2006 Filter-Room-003131 views
Feb 16 2006 Filter-Room-002131 views
Feb 16 2006 Filter-Room-00195 views
More fish!150 viewsHere you can see 3 of my 4 albino glo lights, the 2 glo lights my angel fish who always wants to be the center of attention and... if you have really good good eyes... under the filter in the back you can see a brown spot.. that is one of my corys as he dashes across the back.... it looks like they were playing tag with one another! Anyways more pictures will come...
A picture of my new five gallon tank190 viewsThe whole thing :) with a heater, filter and bubbler..! My guppies love swiming through the bubbles
Flag Fish With Lips Protruding a Bit146 viewsI think I caught him in mid-breath or something . . .

Notice all the air bubbles - courtesy of the Emperor power filter!!
100 viewsThe bubbles from the filter made a really cool effect. I mean, I think so :)
My Marine Tank208 viewsThis is before I moved when my mushrooms were abundant and reproducing. Ever since I moved my tank from one town to another (six months ago) my corals, macroalgae and coralline algae are all pale and dying. I tried changing the compact florescent light bulbs, adding iodine and stronium, more frequent water changes with reverse osmosis filtered water all to no avail. Any helpful suggestions?1 comments
Noodles87 viewsNoodles belonged to my neighbor's 11ish daughter. He previously lived in a skanky bowl. He now lives in a filtered, heated 5 gal tank. Hopefully the finnage recovers. His coloration is greatly improved. He's learning all about live plants atm.
Inside 75 Stand 7 May 200878 viewsCanister Filter, Lighting control, pH controller (currently not connected to CO2 system), top-off bucket and controller, and plumbing.
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