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Sass324 viewsI swear she lost the red in her fins and went yellow overnight.
Oto268 viewsThis is my last remaining oto, taken the last few days it was in QT tank after my angels attacked and killed all the otos but this one. This one had bites out of it's tail fin and top fin, but they are growing back nicely. Picture was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1/8 second, aperture 2.3, ISO 100, no flash, hand-held. Cropped with Photoshop, cloned out some water spots, slight color adjustment, USM applied.1 comments
Zebra Danio and Keyhole Cichlid654 viewsthis was a pure accident, cropped and enlarged from a larger shot of the Angels keeping everyone away from the bloodworms. Amazing what you can find when you just look!!
Red finned shark255 views
longfinned blue danios.JPG
Long Finned Blue Danios466 viewsAn absolutely gorgeous fish, one that I will certainly be getting more of.
blue danio.JPG
Long Finned Blue Danio464 viewsStunning fish!
Desjardin Sailfin Tang368 views1 comments
4" Botia Pulchra398 viewsI've 2 of these guys, hard to find in my area1 comments
Female Apisto Cacatuoides333 viewsShe's in Spawning color :) WOOHOO. She disappeared for 2 day right after I took this picture. Couldn't find her for the life of me. Then spotted her a couple days a go chase off one fo the Krib juvies, so I followed her. She found an area between a rock and a piece of driftwood and has used it for her cave :)
Sweetie (the 2nd largest)284 viewsstill waving the majenta fins. I'm really excited to see if she turns like Sass did, it looks good. She just suddenly got the spotting in her fins.
Finally head on.jpg
288 viewsDay 3, I think
Blue fin Killifish pair220 views
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