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James142 viewsNot a fish but just as cute..this is my One and only :) 2yr old who loves his fishies :)
Overview of my lil Fish Tank244 viewsSadly you can only see my Angel fish in this picture.. but I hope to get some more pictures of my other little fishies... :)
More fish!177 viewsHere you can see 3 of my 4 albino glo lights, the 2 glo lights my angel fish who always wants to be the center of attention and... if you have really good good eyes... under the filter in the back you can see a brown spot.. that is one of my corys as he dashes across the back.... it looks like they were playing tag with one another! Anyways more pictures will come...
Blue Guppy178 viewsOkay I got a new five gallon and finally was able to put fishies in it :) yaaaah I have blue and sunset guppies.. :)
All goldfishies134 viewssay cheeese!
2nd 20g low light143 views
20g before planting132 views
Rasbora Espii105 viewsThese are the fishies in the qt tank--it is kind of dirty on the front.
my lil fishies117 viewsi have some black moors serpaes creek chubs calico fantails goldies danios zebra danios platies tiger barb pleco and some goldies1 comments
Attack Fishies99 views
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