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55 gallon Discus tank right side1188 views
55 gallon Discus tank left side1672 views
Sammi or Sammy?449 viewsone of the 4 I received in April (2005). Still not giving up hope for a male although it's not looking good. This one's different from the others for now anyway.1 comments
Forrest Gump297 views
FISH2 021a.JPG
Forrest Gump444 views
Picture 011.jpg
anubias nana with flash167 viewsThis is the first picture of the series I took, before I realized I needed to turn the flash off. Ah, the learning curve.
Picture 018.jpg
Crypt Wendtii Red224 viewsThis is the "crypt forest" I've set up with crypt wendtii red. I'm hoping to minimize the dreaded "melting disease" with these, as it looks like a nice place for a fish to play.
Llama LOVE :)205 viewsMy step-son was actually afraid of her when we first got there. Then he started REALLY looking at her, and fell HARD for the beautiful lady :) With that beautiful face, who could blame him :)
HEY HEY's FAAAAT Albert ;)1649 viewsMy 14 year old, close to a foot long, Clown Loach. My BUD :):)

I just have to make a reply to all the "Boy he's Ugly" comments ;) He may not be a beautiful fish, but he's the biggest sweety I've even owned. Seriously, a wet puppy..nuzzles my hand, dances for food, and just acts CUTE :D
Jack1420 viewsElectric Blue Jack Dempsey (Sam, I just realized, I've had him for almost a year :) )2 comments
Hamster150 viewsThis is my son's hamster, who's name is conveniently Hamster. He's an escape artist, although this was a supervised out of cage experience for him. This is also his second cage, as the first was not escape proof. He has been assigned the default gender of "he", because I don't care to turn him upside down, and I don't think he cares either way, as he's a family pet kept solo and not intended for breeding.
Frog planter232 viewsOne of my favorite indoor planters I've had for years. Low lighting, frequent watering, these Bamboo plants are gorgeous :)
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