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10 Gallon.jpg
10 Gallon Planted213 viewsOverview of the entire tank. Half with gravel, half with FloraBase.
05_08_05 SP in Spixi tank.JPG
Striped Purple (SP)171 viewsThis little guy/gal actually snuck into my Spixi tank when I set it up a couple months ago. Apparently when I removed the Spixi's from the baby tank, this one hitched a ride unnoticed :) I left it in there just to see what would happen, and it's got a FABULOUS shell.....because of sand, not gravel????
Spreading 2.jpg
Spreading plants184 viewsThis 'val' was just surviving in regular aquarium gravel, even with tabs, and some liquid ferts. Now with a decent substrate, it is sending out shoots regularly.
DYI Filter 2.jpg
Filter with CO2248 viewsI am going to run my CO2 into this filter, which will sit in the gravel.
Homemade Co2-001151 viewsThis is my Homemade CO2 system made from a gravel vacule tube,small water pumd and a soda bottle.
Homemade CO2-002164 viewsThis is my Homemade CO2 system made from a gravel vacule tube,small water pumd and a soda bottle.
Homemade CO2 System Revision 1.0139 viewsRevision 1.0 - I mounted the gravel cleaning tube to 2 suction cups and added a 90^ bend for the Pump.
Betta138 viewsMy betta examining something in the gravel
Noodles' Tank207 viewsThe plants were all harvested from my 50 gal tank. The gravel is virgin, fresh from the package- so hopefully Noodles produces enough ammonia to keep them happy. I have yet to see an ammonia or nitrite reading in this tank with daily testing and water changes, but I do have 10 ppm nitrate in my water supply atm.
Another Cory105 viewsAbout to sift through some gravel for food. Love his little eye.
200 Gallon Aquarium904 viewsIn photos is a 10" Electric Blue Jack Dempsey; 6" Roseline Sharks; 'Rainbow" Geophagus; and some of my beloved Clown Loaches (some of them are 31+ years old). This aquarium has been set up for 6 years with under gravel filtration powered by four 1140 Penguin Power Heads, two 300W heaters, two additional Koralia 4 power heads, and a 25W UV Steralizer. Decor is plastic plants, Malaysian wood, a mixture of several types/colors of natural gravels and PennPlax 'wrecked cars, wrecked tank & wrecked airplane'.1 comments
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