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Search results - "guppy"
Picasso672 viewsI believe he is an Endler/Guppy cross? He just showed up in my tank. I've never had Endlers in with my Gupps, nor have I ever had a Lyretail Guppy?? Miracle? ;)2 comments
05_06_26 M Gupp 1.JPG
Male Guppy288 views
05_06_26 M Gupp.JPG
Male Guppy279 views
05_06_26 F Gupp.JPG
Female Guppy412 views2 comments
12 gallon292 views12 gallon eclipse guppy tank
upload 2.jpg
Platy Guppy197 views
Have him for about 3 weeks. Very aggressive fellow, nipped off parts of my guppy's tail.278 views
Kinky trying to drink, but the guppy's keep trying to get in her mouth 8-}221 views
06_02_02 Guppys.JPG
Red Albino for Photo Upload.jpg
My silly red albino guppy160 viewsRed Albino bred by Luke Roebuck
Blue Guppy178 viewsOkay I got a new five gallon and finally was able to put fishies in it :) yaaaah I have blue and sunset guppies.. :)
Fire/sunset Guppy200 viewsThe other color of guppy I have :) isn't he cute?
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