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standing guard at airport.JPG
189 viewsSecurity at the Cancun Airport on high alert, FN in hand, ready for anything!
Purple and green Mushrooms145 viewsnot really caring for the high lighting..but they are doing ok
Spike The High Finned Shark177 viewsThis is Spike. Spike is a Chinese High Finned Banded Shark (5 inch). She has the personality of a young reatarded child, she's the sweetest fish, she would never harm a soul but sometimes she seems to just have a hard time getting around. But thats OK. Spike has a best friend simply named koi. Koi, obviously is a Chinese Koi. But any time spike just can't seem to get up to the top of her favorite plant, Koi is right there under her to ever so gently guide Spike to the top.
Koi343 viewsKoi, breifly spent some time in The Big House and got tore up by a couple convicts. After he was released, Koi has cleaned up his act and settled down with a nice High Finned Shark named Spike. He never leaves Spikes side and is her protector, Lover and Friend.1 comments
rainbows210 viewsred irian rainbows residing with blood parrots ... had to shift them from my tetra tank cos they would be highly territorial and bite the heads of neon tetras stunning them and slowly killing them. lost bout five neons by the time i knew wat was happening ...
the home133 viewstank is 5ft long 18 inch high 17 inch wide ... the tank is home to 2 clown loach, 1 appollo shark, 1 tilapia, 1 convict, 1 chocolate cichlid, 1 pearsei, 1 synodontis cat, 1 armoured cat...

My gold veiltail Angel in it's tank.tank is a 24 inch high tank and the Angel shares it with a Clown Pleco.364 views
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