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Search results - "honey"
Dwarf Honey Gourami139 viewsHes as big as my neons :O and thats it....
Stand-off!113 viewsA honey gourami and a japonica shrimp in a stand-off over an algae wafer. The wafer was in the clip in an attempt to get the fish to come to one place in order for me to photograph them. I like the pic 'cause the gourami looks so outraged.
Smallest eats last115 viewsI've had no luck with neon tetras whatsoever, so have given up trying to keep them. This is the last remaining one - we call him the Turbo Tetra because he seems to thrive on his own. This one has no fear!
No room at the wafer124 views
Beady Eyes126 views
Honey Gourami (Colisa Sota/Colisa Chuna)157 viewsThis is a male without breeding colors.
dwarf honey or flame gourami121 views
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