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s right side.jpg
Best friend's reef tank part 1572 views
s left side.jpg
Best friends reef tank part 2768 views
733 views2 comments
55 gallon Discus tank right side1042 views
55 gallon Discus tank left side1464 views
yoyo loach4a.JPG
Yoyo's Favorite Hidey Hole833 views2 comments
Zebra Danio and Keyhole Cichlid560 viewsthis was a pure accident, cropped and enlarged from a larger shot of the Angels keeping everyone away from the bloodworms. Amazing what you can find when you just look!!
One in Each State :)210 viewsIsn't that the best way to raise Kids??? ;)
Julidochromis transciptus392 views3 comments
Picture 020.jpg
Side View of Planted Ten144 viewsThis is the side view of the tank- the frontal view did not turn out properly, and had to be scrapped. I'm hoping the plants will root well, with no rotting and little drama.
Fred, Ginger, and the babes177 viewsI know, NASTY water, but that's what they were in...a GREEN pond :(

This is at Bonnie Springs/Old Nevada, just about 20 minutes outside of town.
Mom & Pop189 viewsEWWWWWWW, I don't want to watch my PARENTS kiss ;)

Just kidding, I LOVE these people with ALL MY HEART :)
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