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Picture 014.jpg
Java Moss176 viewsThis is my first attempt at attaching java moss to a resin rock. It is tied on twice with fishing line.
197 viewsHere's Mom, you can sorta kinda see the eggs in the java fern leaf coming in from the right. See them there in the cup of the leaf? Blurry, I know.
Taking inventory213 viewsHere's Dad checking out the eggs. See them, blurry, on the java fern leaf? I have not gotten any good shots of the eggs yet.
190 viewsHere's Dad struttin' his stuff, watching over those evil enemies, the Rasboras. The Rasboras are allowed the top few inches of the tank, but that's it! The eggs are in the burned out java fern leaf you see coming in from the right.
Gorgeous223 viewsI think this is narrow leaf java fern, it looked amazing. I want some!!!
Plants and Algae.jpg
Java Fern With Algae127 viewsAlgae isn't too bad, but I would like to get rid of it.
More Algae143 viewsThis picture shows a worse sample of the algae. Mosty it is on the Java Fern, not so much on the val.
Clown Pleco sighting!163 viewsSucking on some driftwood under the canopy of some java ferns and anacharis.
Pat Hangin' with the Java Ferns and Red Ludwigia166 views
Pat, the Male American-Flag Fish - 4-29-06202 views1 comments
one small step99 viewsIt's simply amazing that things like java moss or foxtail can support such large creatures. Yay buoyancy?
Left, Front.153 viewsDriftwood w/java moss, vals, temporary placement of baby bleheri, elodea, some other sword in the back, green crypts
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