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Sweetie in the val368 views2nd largest, female. got in Feb 05
Sass256 viewslargest female, got in Feb 05
Rainy Day200 viewsThis one came out pretty cool, IMO. This is Essie, my largest hermit crab. Macro mode, shutter speed 1/25, aperture 2.3, ISO 100, no flash, hand-held.1 comments
Zebra Danio and Keyhole Cichlid612 viewsthis was a pure accident, cropped and enlarged from a larger shot of the Angels keeping everyone away from the bloodworms. Amazing what you can find when you just look!!
05_06_28 Blue n Girls CRS.JPG
Blue and the girls :)334 viewsBlue (male) is in the center and the largest. BeBe is on the left, Lil' Bit (proven Mama) on the right.
T. Bythobates 55 gallon732 viewsNEW! Not completed, need to add more onion plants (the only plants they won't eat!) Driftwood and large Coral Rocks are from the Ocean found off the Grassy Keys, Fl. It is hard to see in this picture but there are 2 coconut caves and many rock caves for breeding. The fish swim in and out of the entire maze of rockwork all day long.
Sweetie (the 2nd largest)262 viewsstill waving the majenta fins. I'm really excited to see if she turns like Sass did, it looks good. She just suddenly got the spotting in her fins.
Sunny in July233 viewsthe largest of the youngsters. see the mark on her side...seems like some kind of quarrelling has been going on. she's the third one in a week now to show these little superficial injuries.
they never do it when I'm watching!
dog 00003.jpg
Stimpy the dog151 viewsHere's a good one showing how big his head is- he's going to be a large dog.
dog 00001.jpg
Stimpy the Dog170 viewsThe best picture of the lot- Stimpy and the chew toy. That is the large size dog bed he's on, and he's only 4 months.
large clowns ok.JPG
large clown.JPG
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