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Search results - "lobster"
The Garbage Can233 viewsBeanie The Red-Eared Slider lives in "The River" and is responsible for more tank deaths than you could imagine. At only 4 inches he has killed and eaten 1 six inch Koi, 2 Fiddler Crabs, 1 Giant Blue Lobster, which by the way survived as a roommate for six months, 2 Newts and countless Snails and feeder fish.1 comments
pinchy my blue lobster94 viewsthis my 18mth old femail lobster
Ernie the Peacock Eel115 viewsHe loves to play in the bubbles when I have them on. He gets along well with everyone except the Blue Knight Lobster that like to chase him a around a bit.
Torta the Cobalt Blue Lobster151 views
Torta the Cobolt Blue Lobster175 views
Torta the Cobalt Blue Lobster131 viewsTorta - llive to climb to the top of rocks and plants and jump off
Wendy the Blue Kinght Lobster154 views
Wendy the Blue Kinight Lobster148 views
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