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Search results - "macro"
macro yuma closed mouth.jpg
Ricordia Yuma528 viewsMacro picture taken with nikon coolpix
Oto215 viewsThis is my last remaining oto, taken the last few days it was in QT tank after my angels attacked and killed all the otos but this one. This one had bites out of it's tail fin and top fin, but they are growing back nicely. Picture was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1/8 second, aperture 2.3, ISO 100, no flash, hand-held. Cropped with Photoshop, cloned out some water spots, slight color adjustment, USM applied.1 comments
Land Hermit Crab148 viewsThis was taken a day or so after getting my first three crabs. This shot was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1/100, aperture 10, ISO 100 using the flash, hand-held. Cropped in Photoshop to resize, and USM applied.
Cana257 viewsCana climbing on driftwood. This shot was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1.10, aperture 2.0, no flash, hand-held. Cropped in Photoshop, cloned out part of a rock that was blown, USM applied.3 comments
Rainy Day181 viewsThis one came out pretty cool, IMO. This is Essie, my largest hermit crab. Macro mode, shutter speed 1/25, aperture 2.3, ISO 100, no flash, hand-held.1 comments
Caridina Japonica Shrimp111 viewsLooks like an alien from this angle.
Scinaia spp. Macroalgae216 viewsI love this stuff- just started growing on some LR
Pristella99 views
Golden Tetra91 views
Serpae Tetra149 views
Serpae Tetra 2145 views
Honey Gourami (Colisa Sota/Colisa Chuna)148 viewsThis is a male without breeding colors.
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