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Search results - "mbu"
Powder Blue Cichlid211 viewsThis has become the dominant fish in my tank. It never hurts the other fish, but when the mood strikes it, this blue Mbuna herds all the others to one side of the tank. For some reason it almost never bothers the Marlier's Julie.
Two Blue Mbuna183 views
316 103.jpg
Gambusia137 views
316 105.jpg
Gambusia141 views
316 112.jpg
Spotted Gambusia152 viewsNotice a piece of him is missing due to the Blue acara he used to live with.
top view161 viewsambush! operation-cardinal
Far Right150 viewsHygro-green, ambulia, crypt wendtii-brown, anubias nana petite, sickly sword
Mbuna Tank246 viewsContains:
1 red forest jewel
1 mbuna
Frankenstein the Mbu puffer114 viewsMbu puffer cruising round at night, a juvenille here, notice the oversized eyes waiting for the rest of his body to catch up.1 comments
Humbug catfish112 views
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