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Search results - "molly"
Balloon Molly107 viewsVigorously active, and voraciuos eater, this fish like all molleys have a characterisitc upturned mouth, which makes it look perpetually angry!
6 inch tinfoil barb, tiger barbs and gold gourami214 viewsThis is my 20 gal tank and I also have a female black molly,which gave birth to 8 baby mollies(will sent fotos of babies later),2 bala sharks,catfish and a white female molly.1 comments
marble baloon sailfin molly107 viewscurious ....
Dalmation Molly92 views
My Aquarium164 viewsA female Molly facing the camera.
My Aquarium203 viewsA close up shot of the face of a female Molly.
My Aquarium239 viewsThis is a female Molly having an aquarium cruise.
55 gal328 views.4 albino corys,2 clown loachs ,3 platys,2 upside down catfish,2 gourami, 2 white clouds,1betta,4 blackskirt tetras,3 mixed fruit tetras,1 gold barb ,1 angelfish..2 green corys,and 1, 3-lined cory...2 serpae tetras,.balloon molly
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