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55 gallon planted Discus tank2412 views2 comments
Picture 013.jpg
Rooting anubias183 viewsThis is how I have originally placed my anubias nana in the sand. The green "runner" portion of the plant is exposed, while the white "root" parts are buried.
Picture 012.jpg
rooting anubias nana163 viewsThis is a different plant in the same tank. I'm still learning how to take the photos and edit them- next time I'll remember to leave the date block option off, as this one is directly over the rooting I was attempting to capture.
Picture 020.jpg
Side View of Planted Ten191 viewsThis is the side view of the tank- the frontal view did not turn out properly, and had to be scrapped. I'm hoping the plants will root well, with no rotting and little drama.
Picture 016.jpg
Anubias Coffeefolia301 viewsThis looks remarkably similar to the regular anubias nana. It does have the most impressive root structure of all the plants I received, and if I had to bet which plant was going to be the most successful in the tank, I'd bank on this one.2 comments
Frog planter221 viewsOne of my favorite indoor planters I've had for years. Low lighting, frequent watering, these Bamboo plants are gorgeous :)
The tank :)779 viewsThis is our budding 80g you can see the Angelfish there on the side and a few others..We like it lots :) Thats an onion plant there in the middle..and 2 apono plants as well all others are plastic :) lol1 comments
10 Gal. No Tech Endler Tank500 viewsAdded more plants and fish since Tom Barrs Chat. I seem to have the algae under control! Thanks Tom!!
right front 2.jpg
Anubias131 viewsHere's some more of the anubias about a month after it was planted.
postable apogneton.jpg
Aponogeton203 viewsThis was sprouted from a package of "Live Aquarium Plants", which is advertised as "Easy to Grow" and is Sold by a company called "Sea-Life, Inc.". Mine were distributed by Wal Mart. I have about a 50% success rate with these, with two different types sprouting. Both types get about the same height and spread. The formation of the leaves is somewhat different.
Front View with Corny Sign225 viewsI couldn't resist adding the corny "No Fishing" sign. This photo was taken about a month after planting. You can see the crypts taking on a more reddish hue and elongated leaves, as opposed to the oval green leaves they had when initially planted.
Frontal View258 viewsA second frontal view of the ten gallon planted.1 comments
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