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55 gallon planted Discus tank2334 views2 comments
Picture 020.jpg
Side View of Planted Ten173 viewsThis is the side view of the tank- the frontal view did not turn out properly, and had to be scrapped. I'm hoping the plants will root well, with no rotting and little drama.
right front 2.jpg
Anubias115 viewsHere's some more of the anubias about a month after it was planted.
Front View with Corny Sign210 viewsI couldn't resist adding the corny "No Fishing" sign. This photo was taken about a month after planting. You can see the crypts taking on a more reddish hue and elongated leaves, as opposed to the oval green leaves they had when initially planted.
Frontal View234 viewsA second frontal view of the ten gallon planted.1 comments
living room.jpg
Living room266 views
front 75261 views
full 75352 views
10 Gallon.jpg
10 Gallon Planted204 viewsOverview of the entire tank. Half with gravel, half with FloraBase.
Plants and Algae.jpg
Java Fern With Algae127 viewsAlgae isn't too bad, but I would like to get rid of it.
More Algae143 viewsThis picture shows a worse sample of the algae. Mosty it is on the Java Fern, not so much on the val.
Baby Plant.jpg
Baby plant165 viewsWhat a difference substrate makes. This plant was surviving in plain grave, although it kept floating every few days. Put it in some substrate designed for plants, and it sent off a runner with a few days!
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