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Search results - "puffer"
Trio255 views1 comments
fishes 007.jpg
Tank left257 viewsThis is a portion of our live rock with Valentini Puffer and a pajama cardinal and a pumping hand xenia :)
Hey, that's MY food!123 viewsHere's my Big Boy trying to push past the cories to get at the krill treat I gave them. On occasion, I'd accidentally break off more krill than my puffer could eat, so I'd give them the little extra bit. Lots of fun in the tank :)
The Von Puffers126 viewsRollie Von Puffer and his Twin brother Squishy Von Puffer live in the "Flood Waters" Friendly to all... Well most. if your a snail your food.
Snail121 viewsJust a Snail. And By the time you read this will probably be in the belly of The "Von Puffers" or Beanie the Turtle
Frankenstein the Mbu puffer106 viewsMbu puffer cruising round at night, a juvenille here, notice the oversized eyes waiting for the rest of his body to catch up.1 comments
Front in place133 viewsMy custom tank stand next to my desk. 20 gallon Dwarf puffer tank eventually.
Back of tank, in place134 viewsMy custom tank stand next to my desk. 20 gallon Dwarf puffer tank eventually.
Light Puffer148 viewsSame puffer as is in the 'dark' picture. Take to demonstrate color change.
Dark Dwarf Puffer136 viewsTake to demonstrate color change. Same puffer as is in 'light' picture.
Three Musketeers?122 viewsCan you see the three of them? Goby the Bumblebee Goby, Puffy the Dwarf Puffer, and Flounder the Founder.
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