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Marble,Koi angels.JPG
My angels304 views3 muskateers, male is on the far right and the females are on the left :) The two koi angels (the white ones) are already paired :)1 comments
standing guard at airport.JPG
157 viewsSecurity at the Cancun Airport on high alert, FN in hand, ready for anything!
Momma: Ready to Lay165 viewsMomma, about to lay a clutch!
Juviniles201 viewsSome youngsters
06_02_02 Cories RS.JPG
Already friends253 views
not all the birds stayed on their perch184 views
Here swordtail ready to fight with betta176 viewsI m Ready tofight with u1 comments
Female Caridina Japonica Shrimp with eggs120 viewsThe females are always egg laden but successful hatching isn't going to happen in a fresh water tank. You probably already know this if you have them - but the dots down the sides of the shrinp look more like dashes if the shrimp is female.
My fish buddy141 viewsMy daughter loves to help, and is already learning a lot about what it takes to keep these little guys happy!
mantis shrimp showing his boxing gloves127 viewsready to fight!
little devil135 viewsthis jag is about 3mths old, and already 4inchs long. he's got a long way to go.
CAE, he/she is very small, maybe 1 1/2 in, and very shy. 1003 viewsCAE came into already established community with four gouramis and one red-tailed black shark. So, he/she prefers to not confront with bigger fish. At least for now.2 comments
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