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Search results - "red"
Mom Red turquoise with her eggs917 views3rd batch of eggs from Red turq-Red Melon pair
236 viewsboehlke fredcochui
5 of these fish live with the sajica's.
Sass327 viewsI swear she lost the red in her fins and went yellow overnight.
Red finned shark256 views
Picture 018.jpg
Crypt Wendtii Red224 viewsThis is the "crypt forest" I've set up with crypt wendtii red. I'm hoping to minimize the dreaded "melting disease" with these, as it looks like a nice place for a fish to play.
Red Rock Canyon193 views
Fred, Ginger, and the babes222 viewsI know, NASTY water, but that's what they were in...a GREEN pond :(

This is at Bonnie Springs/Old Nevada, just about 20 minutes outside of town.
Red Eared Sliders207 viewsBonnie Springs - In the Green Pond with the Swans. There must have been a few dozen of them in there.
Honduran Red Point458 viewsLil' Bit (Mom) with Fry
one eyed cory.JPG
One Eyed Jack296 viewsI discovered the missing eye long after I got him home. He does not seem impaired in any way.
Hamster116 viewsHere he is again, from the top. He has a typical teddy bear coloration and red eyes.
06_01_05 Festi 1 CRS.JPG
Festi741 viewsJune 1, 2005

Was asked, so figured I better add it....Festi is a Mesonauta Festivus. Could have changed by now ;)
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