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amano on rock242 views
Cana310 viewsCana climbing on driftwood. This shot was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1.10, aperture 2.0, no flash, hand-held. Cropped in Photoshop, cloned out part of a rock that was blown, USM applied.3 comments
Picture 015.jpg
anubias nana193 viewsThis is my first attempt at attaching anubias nana to a resin rock. It's tied on twice with fishing line.
Picture 014.jpg
Java Moss189 viewsThis is my first attempt at attaching java moss to a resin rock. It is tied on twice with fishing line.
Red Rock Canyon183 views
Female Apisto Cacatuoides324 viewsShe's in Spawning color :) WOOHOO. She disappeared for 2 day right after I took this picture. Couldn't find her for the life of me. Then spotted her a couple days a go chase off one fo the Krib juvies, so I followed her. She found an area between a rock and a piece of driftwood and has used it for her cave :)
T. Bythobates 55 gallon747 viewsNEW! Not completed, need to add more onion plants (the only plants they won't eat!) Driftwood and large Coral Rocks are from the Ocean found off the Grassy Keys, Fl. It is hard to see in this picture but there are 2 coconut caves and many rock caves for breeding. The fish swim in and out of the entire maze of rockwork all day long.
jurupari-hanging ou around home350 views
fishes 007.jpg
Tank left254 viewsThis is a portion of our live rock with Valentini Puffer and a pajama cardinal and a pumping hand xenia :)
fishes 001.jpg
Tank shot234 viewsThis shows the fishes even the quick lil Rock Scooter/Skipper Blenny..only non fuzzy shot of the "skipper".
We need to get more rock :)
Marlier's Julie (2)187 viewsThis is a beautiful fish that has steadily become more aggressive as it acclimates to my tank. There is a hole in this fake rock that it likes to back into, making it look kind of like a Morey Eel. It gets vertical when it sees surface food and shoots straight up, then backs straight down with the food. Very interesting Cichlid.
another from my SW tank115 viewsPinkish thing that came with a piece of my Live rock
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