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Female Apisto Cacatuoides300 viewsShe's in Spawning color :) WOOHOO. She disappeared for 2 day right after I took this picture. Couldn't find her for the life of me. Then spotted her a couple days a go chase off one fo the Krib juvies, so I followed her. She found an area between a rock and a piece of driftwood and has used it for her cave :)
Peckoltia sp._L200669 viewsLemon Spotted Green Pleco.
316 112.jpg
Spotted Gambusia108 viewsNotice a piece of him is missing due to the Blue acara he used to live with.
197 views(old pic) 30 Gallon tank with limestone rocks and aragonite sand. The tank was made for african cichlids but I have some south american cichlids in it for the time being while I let my new tank cycle.
Blue Rams, Cardinal Tetras, Spotted Leaf Fish
Kigoma Frontosa, Juli. Marlieri, White Calvus

Rapheal The CatFish137 viewsRapheal Lives in the river with the Oscar and the turtle. Spotted Hoplo A.K.A. "The Clean-UP Crew"
Spotted Raphael catfish134 views
tropical tank87 viewsmale dwarf gourami and my spotted bulldog pleco
Sterbai Female119 viewsI spotted this "Football w/fins" at the LFS in a tank by herself :( Apparently the fish guy was holding her to sell her to a "breeder" here in town. When I told him I had a group of 5 and she would be a perfect match, he said "Then I won't hold her, she's yours" :):):)
40g LF Marble/Calico BN Breeder243 viewsHubby's tank. He has spotted up to 5 fry in there at one time....those are the ones that snuck out of the cave before Daddy was moved :)
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