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standing guard at airport.JPG
120 viewsSecurity at the Cancun Airport on high alert, FN in hand, ready for anything!
Fish tank.jpg
Whole tank 2006-02-21169 viewsA whole view of the 36 gallon corner tank. The decorations are only two large peices of driftwood (for the tank) and a variety of live plants. The tank is stocked with two panda cories, one standard cory, two dwarf gourami's (one powder blue, one sunset), five blue tetras and one clown plecostimous.

I will give a detailed account of the plants if there is any interest.
Bythobate/ Krib Stand Off199 views
Black 'sheep'(Neon) of the group189 viewsMr black neon..... u've joined d wrong sch! Or u're jus trying to be outstanding?
stand up115 views
Full Shot208 viewsThe stand and top were custom made to match the existing woodwork in the north lounge. The tank is in the middle of the lounge so there are no wires showing.

This is before planting.
Moonlight Gourami planning a plant atack85 viewsThis root doesn't stand a chance!
Stand-off!102 viewsA honey gourami and a japonica shrimp in a stand-off over an algae wafer. The wafer was in the clip in an attempt to get the fish to come to one place in order for me to photograph them. I like the pic 'cause the gourami looks so outraged.
Bangor Maine122 viewsA view from the Thomas Hill Standpipe
BirdsEye view of bangor Maine111 viewsA view of Bangor from the ThomasHill standpipe
Jackson @ Top of the ThomasHill standpipe139 views
138 viewsCostco Aquarium stand
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