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Red-tailed black shark..bit tricky to photo!147 views
Red tailed black shark166 viewsafter trying for ages to photograph him,this one came up accidently!
Fish tank.jpg
Whole tank 2006-02-21182 viewsA whole view of the 36 gallon corner tank. The decorations are only two large peices of driftwood (for the tank) and a variety of live plants. The tank is stocked with two panda cories, one standard cory, two dwarf gourami's (one powder blue, one sunset), five blue tetras and one clown plecostimous.

I will give a detailed account of the plants if there is any interest.
Red tailed Black Shark about 12cm long145 views
Community Tank 4ft No. 2225 viewsContains:
3 silver dollars
1 red tailed black shark
2 tiger barbs
3 clown loaches
1 female bristlenose
1 flying fox
Red-tailed Shark Resting100 views
Red-tailed Shark Swimming100 views
Red-tailed Shark Resting Eating Algae100 views
Red-tailed Shark Swimming Top View98 views
My Aquarium129 viewsThis fish likes to eat algae.
My Aquarium131 viewsA close up shot to the face of an albino red tailed shark.
CAE, he/she is very small, maybe 1 1/2 in, and very shy. 929 viewsCAE came into already established community with four gouramis and one red-tailed black shark. So, he/she prefers to not confront with bigger fish. At least for now.2 comments
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