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Picture 016.jpg
Anubias Coffeefolia293 viewsThis looks remarkably similar to the regular anubias nana. It does have the most impressive root structure of all the plants I received, and if I had to bet which plant was going to be the most successful in the tank, I'd bank on this one.2 comments
198 viewsHere's Dad struttin' his stuff, watching over those evil enemies, the Rasboras. The Rasboras are allowed the top few inches of the tank, but that's it! The eggs are in the burned out java fern leaf you see coming in from the right.
postable apogneton 2.jpg
Aponogeton194 viewsHere's a clearer view of the aponogeton- it has grown the entire depth of this tank, and continues to produce new leaves.1 comments
barb school.jpg
201 viewsThis school of mixed barbs is composed of green and albino barbs. They are currently the only residents of this tank, other than three apple snails.
05_07_22 Pink Foot C.JPG
Almost Pink Brig130 viewsA bit distorted by the tank, but the color is pretty true :):)
tank2 July 05.jpg
Understairs tank, July 05 - sterbai and platies178 views
Gordy The Gourami270 viewsThis is THE fish! He has lots of personality and is great fun. He is outlasted everything else in the tank, and is getting some new friends soon. This picture is one of my favorites. Click on it, it is a lot bigger.
05_08_05 SP in Spixi tank.JPG
Striped Purple (SP)169 viewsThis little guy/gal actually snuck into my Spixi tank when I set it up a couple months ago. Apparently when I removed the Spixi's from the baby tank, this one hitched a ride unnoticed :) I left it in there just to see what would happen, and it's got a FABULOUS shell.....because of sand, not gravel????
In his growout tank141 viewsThis is one of a series of pictures of my Big Boy in his growout tank, he's about 2.5 inches long in these pictures. Enjoy! :)
Showing who's boss122 viewsAnother shot in the growout tank, trying to scare the other fish away from where I normally drop their food.
Enjoying the greenery144 viewsWeaving among the leaves of my plants in the growout tank, one of his favorite pasttimes.
Ram eggs 2157 viewsSLightly clearer pic of the gold ram and eggs. I may have 3 females in the tank, I'm not sure. They were laid on top of a PVC pipe the day after the weekly 60% water change.
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