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Search results - "tetra's"
Glolite tetras.jpg
251 views1 comments
Rummynose Tetras205 views
Neon Tetras175 views
neon tetras hanging in the corner153 views
06_02_06 Congos.JPG
Male Congo Tetras312 views
06_02_13 Tetras.JPG
Fish tank.jpg
Whole tank 2006-02-21181 viewsA whole view of the 36 gallon corner tank. The decorations are only two large peices of driftwood (for the tank) and a variety of live plants. The tank is stocked with two panda cories, one standard cory, two dwarf gourami's (one powder blue, one sunset), five blue tetras and one clown plecostimous.

I will give a detailed account of the plants if there is any interest.
Neon Tetras!161 viewsI know, not one of my best pictures.... but there favorite place is in the back.. so getting a picture is difficult.... but I am so proud of them..... all of them !!! that I had to get a small piccy up of them
Red120 viewswith a blue eye... swimming freely with th guppies & tetras (29 gallon tank(
Hippotamus making a rare appearance!186 viewsHippo lives in a 29 gallon takn with the Guppies , Tetras & a Betta
Nigel116 viewsthis is my betta and 9 neon glowlite tetras
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