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Search results - "think"
Synodontis Petricola564 viewsI have 2 and I think they might be a pair :)
Hamster142 viewsThis is my son's hamster, who's name is conveniently Hamster. He's an escape artist, although this was a supervised out of cage experience for him. This is also his second cage, as the first was not escape proof. He has been assigned the default gender of "he", because I don't care to turn him upside down, and I don't think he cares either way, as he's a family pet kept solo and not intended for breeding.
Betta in a Bed of Lettuce!332 viewsNo Kidding!! My Betta now thinks floating lettuce is a good place to hide out LOL
Gorgeous236 viewsI think this is narrow leaf java fern, it looked amazing. I want some!!!
Reid Park Zoo Possessed Deer Like Animals.jpg
Reid Park Zoo Possessed Deer Like Creatures160 viewsI think these are Ibex, but don't quote me. My son ran to their exhibit and called them all "Bambi".
Finally head on.jpg
279 viewsDay 3, I think
"Get that camera away from me!"363 viewsSeriously, I think that's what he's saying.. lol. Whenever I take the camera away, he looks cute again :o . Not that he isn't super cute when he's doing that either though ^_^; .
Krib Eggs176 viewsThe eggs were laid friday aug 5/05 but I think they ate them :( because this morning there were none sun. aug 7/05
The Thinker338 views1 comments
Juviniles#0221 viewsJust another shot of my boys growin up fast
06_02_19 DojoBuried 1.JPG
Find the Dojo.....264 viewsHe thinks he's hiding.....I think???
Jewel cichlid 1.jpg
Jewel cichlid I think female154 views
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