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Land Hermit Crab163 viewsThis was taken a day or so after getting my first three crabs. This shot was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1/100, aperture 10, ISO 100 using the flash, hand-held. Cropped in Photoshop to resize, and USM applied.
barb school.jpg
197 viewsThis school of mixed barbs is composed of green and albino barbs. They are currently the only residents of this tank, other than three apple snails.
Larry-one of the three stooges459 views
Red Fire Dwarf Gourami159 viewsMy new Dwarf Gourami in a 20 gallon tank with three other Gouramis.
130 viewsMilhouse lives in a 10g tank with three platys.
lots of Oscars218 viewswell three anyway..hard to get them all in the picture
Three Cardinal Tetras Close Up101 views
Shwartz's Corys Group Of Three Resting99 views
LH end view99 viewsThese are three pxt i took of my tank on the first night . I will be getting a second peice of wood and more plants - and some more fish. I can't wait.
unknown fish148 viewsi think this guy is a red pencilfish or rutherfords pencilfish ... one of the three stoleaways who were purchased by mistake along wid rummy nose tetras. but glad to hav these lil guys
Three Musketeers?113 viewsCan you see the three of them? Goby the Bumblebee Goby, Puffy the Dwarf Puffer, and Flounder the Founder.
Blue 3 spot Gourami394 viewsBlue three-spot Gourami
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