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Picture 013.jpg
Rooting anubias196 viewsThis is how I have originally placed my anubias nana in the sand. The green "runner" portion of the plant is exposed, while the white "root" parts are buried.
Marble,Koi angels.JPG
My angels316 views3 muskateers, male is on the far right and the females are on the left :) The two koi angels (the white ones) are already paired :)1 comments
Snowman359 viewsMy little snowman1 comments
albino and green barbs 2.jpg
Mixed Barb School712 viewsThis is a partial side view from the 50 gallon tank. The white expanse in the background is the opposing wall to the tank. There are currently no full views of this tank in my gallery due to my embarrasment at the current state of the plants- it is a work in progress.5 comments
Reid Park Zoo Polar Bear.jpg
Reid Park Zoo Polar Bear161 viewsThis is a wet polar bear eating a fish-cicle. It was over a hundred degrees out, but he looked pretty comfortable in his shady cave with his snack. Polar bears actually have black skin under their white fur. When they're wet, you can see the skin through the fur, like you can in this picture.
Reid Park Zoo white birds.jpg
Reid Park Zoo Freeflight Birds154 viewsThese two were happily absorbed in each other.
Day 7 (ulcer).jpg
Day 7, after move to hospital tank181 viewsYou can actually see the white 'spot' on the swelling below the eye.
tanks 006.jpg
White Clouds and Danios138 views
fish 004.jpg
white top galileo244 views
My New betta231 viewsHe appears mostly white but has a blue/aqua sheen to him.. A Few ewd freckles on his fins.. which I thought was unique... :) isn't he pretty?
Fyre199 viewsHe is a very aggressive betta... Fyre lives in a vase with clear, white and red heart stones in it. His companion is a medium sized snail
White Clouds in a School!177 viewsStop the presses! They are all actually loosely schooling together! This rarely happens, but I still love my tough little spastic minnows!

One of them has only one eye (came from the LFS that way - noticed it at home). Must have been one of those mean old serpaes they were tanked with . . .
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