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Most viewed - Shari's Fish
55g1898 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments
German Blue Ram Pair1298 views5 comments
05_06_01 G40g CRS.JPG
40g964 views2 comments
05_06_13 Gold Dojo Drape CRS.JPG
Gold Dojo944 viewsWhat A Life...1 comments
05_06_13 Gold Dojo Face C.JPG
Gold Dojo780 viewsPLEEEEEEESE Mommy, can I have another Snail Cookie :):)
Picasso745 viewsI believe he is an Endler/Guppy cross? He just showed up in my tank. I've never had Endlers in with my Gupps, nor have I ever had a Lyretail Guppy?? Miracle? ;)2 comments
05_05_20 Kuhlis C.JPG
Kuhlis728 viewsThese little guys are too much fun :) They are always playing in the grass, and I don't know if you can tell, but they are right up next to the glass. Very nice of them :)
Gold Dojos719 views1 comments
05_06_13 BR 20g CRS.JPG
20g686 viewsNew tank I set up just for the Spixi Snails and the Blue Rams.1 comments
Endlers and Friend668 viewsFAT females and little males....

The BN is a Blue eye, 1 of 3, and I wonder if he's worried about the Swarm eating his Cuc?
05_04_07 Endlers CRS.JPG
Endlers603 views1 comments
Synodontis Petricola583 viewsI have 2 and I think they might be a pair :)
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