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Most viewed - My Fishies Past
Baytapish once again showing off.129 views
Jonafin128 viewsAlbino bristlenose pleco. Lovely fish. Woke up dead one morning, for no readily apparent reason.
Baytapish126 viewsBetta splendens, crowntail. Lovely fish - great personality. The Supermodel of the tank, he had a "look at my pretty fins" attitude whenever I tried to photograph another fish.

Sadly met his end when eaten by Bumblebee Catfish we were ASSURED was not predatory. Sad lesson in doing your research first.
Jim Morrifin - The Lizard King125 viewsLizard loach. Homaloptera ogilviei. Lasted about 5 days. Apparently they have a habit of dying unexpectedly for no good reason.
This gallery sounds like a mortuary but I SWEAR we've kept more fish alive than have died...
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