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200 Gallon Aquarium710 viewsIn photos is a 10" Electric Blue Jack Dempsey; 6" Roseline Sharks; 'Rainbow" Geophagus; and some of my beloved Clown Loaches (some of them are 31+ years old). This aquarium has been set up for 6 years with under gravel filtration powered by four 1140 Penguin Power Heads, two 300W heaters, two additional Koralia 4 power heads, and a 25W UV Steralizer. Decor is plastic plants, Malaysian wood, a mixture of several types/colors of natural gravels and PennPlax 'wrecked cars, wrecked tank & wrecked airplane'.1 comments
Adult Male Guppy705 views
Jim Admires His Work.jpg
Jim Admires His Work703 views
05_08_17 125 1.JPG
694 views1 comments
The tank :)694 viewsThis is our budding 80g you can see the Angelfish there on the side and a few others..We like it lots :) Thats an onion plant there in the middle..and 2 apono plants as well all others are plastic :) lol1 comments
05_11_15 125g.JPG
Full Tank690 views
tourquoise juvi 1688 views
05_07_12 125 Empty Zeek 1 CRS.JPG
Dogfish ;)687 views
Jack says "Hello"686 viewsElectric Blue Jack Dempsey.3 comments
05_06_13 Gold Dojo Face C.JPG
Gold Dojo686 viewsPLEEEEEEESE Mommy, can I have another Snail Cookie :):)
Purple Tang686 views1 comments
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